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Webp – Images

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Published: 17 Feb, 2022
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Webp – Images

What is WEBP?

WebP is a modern image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. Using WebP, webmasters and web developers can create smaller, richer images that make the web faster.

Is WebP better than JPEG?

JPEG is a no-brainer. WebP offers 25 – 35% smaller file sizes at the exact same SSIM quality index, which means that WebP images have smaller file sizes with the same quality. There isn’t much more to say on this. WebP offers a better all-around package than JPEG as an image format.

How does it work?

Lossy WebP compression uses predictive coding to encode an image, the same method used by the VP8 video codec to compress keyframes in videos. Predictive coding uses the values in neighboring blocks of pixels to predict the values in a block, and then encodes only the difference.

Lossless WebP compression uses already seen image fragments in order to exactly reconstruct new pixels. It can also use a local palette if no interesting match is found.

WebP Support

WebP is natively supported in Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, the Opera browser, and by many other tools and software libraries. Developers have also added support to a variety of image editing tools.

WebP includes the lightweight encoding and decoding library libwebp and the command line tools cwebp and dwebp for converting images to and from the WebP format, as well as tools for viewing, muxing and animating WebP images.

WebP Convertion

We at Webstyle convert all our images to WebP, in our continuous effort to make our website load faster to give your clients and improved web browsing experience. This only part of what we do at webstyle…

See Webstyle’s performance report – using

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